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Cosmetic Products to wary off during pregnancy

The Nest Clinics > Blog > Cosmetic Products to wary off during pregnancy

Pregnancy is beautiful. There is an iridescent glow, the mother-to-be is proud of her lustrous mane; she looks like a goddess in divine grace. Nature gives its best to a lady during pregnancy in terms of beauty. Self-pampering and giving attention to details enhance her attractiveness. However, experts are skeptical about using cosmetic products during pregnancy.

Although, most daily use cosmetics are safe there are many ingredients that one should be wary off during pregnancy for the safety of the growing baby in the womb.

Here are a few products you should be well informed of before applying during pregnancy:

  1. Hair dyes and hair straightening chemicals: As health experts, we are cautious advisors of string chemicals present in hair products during pregnancy. We believe that the fumes and chemical in the hair product can affect the baby in the womb. In order to emphasize the concern, a hospital-based case- control study was conducted in Brazil. The researchers were convinced that exposure to hair dyes and hair strengthening chemicals during pregnancy may be a possible cause of leukemia in children at infancy.
  2. Skin lightening products: Topical application of skin lighteners may have toxic systemic effects. In a study, 99 women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy were randomly selected during their prenatal visit in a city called Dajar, Africa. Questionnaires were given asking about the use of skin lighteners along with their routine clinical examination. Researchers ensured follow-up until delivery and a morning blood sample for plasma cortisol levels was taken. Observations showed that 68 of the 99 selected women were habitual users if skin lighteners even during their current pregnancy. According to cosmetologists, the active ingredients to lighten the skin melanin are hydroquinone and highly potent steroids.

It was alarming to note that women using highly potent steroids, when compared with those who did not, had a significantly lower plasma cortisol level and a smaller placenta, both being a prime concern for low-birth-weight infants. Skin lightening is a common facial care practice today and its use during pregnancy is best avoided because steroids may affect both maternal and baby’s health.

  1. Retinol: This compound is found in anti-aging creams as well as sunscreen lotions Dermatologists remind that retinol is easily absorbed by the skin and increases the rate of turnover of skin. These are not recommended products during pregnancy due to associated risk of retinoid embryopathy.
  2. Acne Ointment: Skin breakouts are common in pregnancy. Many women restore the anti pimple creams or acne ointment. We are apprehensive about any product that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.
  3. De-pigmentation creams: Many women suffer melasma pigmentation on the face during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations. Topical applications containing hydroquinone are best avoided during pregnancy due to possible side-effects on the baby.

Personal hygiene and looking attractive is important during pregnancy. Nevertheless, going Au-Natural and staying as organic as possible will certainly help you ensure a wholesome development of the baby and assure your maternal well being. So, being snobbish about your cosmetic care is the right attitude during gestational months. Use all natural products and use less of chemicals, parabens, ammonia, sulfates, and strong perfumes as well as essential oils as much as possible. Use natural talcum powders as anti-perspire agents and pure coconut oil or almond oil for skin moisturizers. Organic rose water or aloe vera gel work best as skin toners and cleansers. Homemade face packs and hair masks are suitable remedies for beauty therapy and avoid chemical as much as possible during all three trimesters. Your baby will be grateful to you, ever.

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